is against NS, facism and other extremist believes. All Folks around the world should unite in their love for music and not hate or discriminate each other on whatever grounds.

Michel (Netherlands)
As founder of, I’m here since the start in 2008, when we had 10 visitors a day and we only published news and sometimes a showreview. This changed rapidly and there are thousands of fans everyday who appreciate what we do. Nowadays I’m spending most of my time with updating the website. Occasionly I’m doing reviews myself, I’mthe oldest reviewer here, and I’m very fond of the use of authentic instruments, like hurdy gurdy, violin, bagpipes, etc. But I can appreciate bands without these instruments, which play folkmelodies too. Most of the time I don’t like it very much when a band only uses metalscreams for the vocals. Favourite bands are bands which use a lot of folk, like Eluveitie, and Arkona for instance, Celtic Punk bands like The Mahones and Medieval rockbands like Saltatio Mortis.

Doug (USA)
Hi my name is Doug and I live in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA. I have loved music my whole life and I listen to a little bit of everything. My favorite styles of music are Celtic punk, rock, Folk metal,(any good metal actually), and interesting folk music from around the world. I have been playing guitar and singing as a solo artist and in bands for 20 years or so, but if I was really any good someone would be reviewing me, so it’s a hobby. I have worked for the National Park Service for 28 years as a maintenance and preservation worker. I love the outdoors and wildlife and I have an appreciation for old things and places. Most of the time you can find me living a quiet life with my wife and my dog but I have been known to let my hair down, put the kilt on and turn the music up to 11. I am humbled to be a part of the reviewing staff for where I will be able to listen to some of the greatest music ever made and hopefully make some new fans through our reviews.

Jano (USA)
Hello metalheads, my name is Jano. I have been listening to hard rock since my childhood after finding old KISS CDs in my father’s music collection, but it wasn’t until I moved to Texas in the US that I discovered metal through DragonForce. My gateway band to folk metal was Skyclad, who I started listening to midway through high school, and from there I gradually became interested in folk metal ranging from Celtic Metal to Blackened Folk Metal. Other genres outside of folk metal that interest me are Power Metal, Thrash, and Death Metal with strong Thrash influences. I played violin in high school but got tired of the classical style and began learning Irish-style fiddling. Metal has always had an impact that extends to my academic life, for example writing my senior essay on the divergence of speed metal into Power Metal and Thrash Metal and even writing an English paper on Blind Guardian’s interpretation of the Silmarillion. The opportunity to write for is one I cannot thank the admin enough for because I finally get the opportunity to give back to the bands and the metal community by doing something I’ve always enjoyed doing: writing.

Will Turisas
Hail, metalfolkers! I was named Wilson when I was born, but in the metal scene I am known as Will Turisas, because Turisas is my favorite band of the folk subgenre since I have become a fan of them in 2012.

I’m a librarian from Rio. I’m also a good fan of Metal bands (mainly in the Folk/Viking/Pagan/Celtic Metal subgenres) and the major manager of the Facebook group Folk Metal Brasil.

I’m an amateur DJ off metal parties and medieval fairs in my city, and I had Irish dancing classes for some time. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to play any instrument. When I’m not listening to Metal, I like to listen to Rock, Classical Music and Soundtracks of games and movies.On the website I’ll be responsible for “THIS DAY IN HISTORY” for now. SKÅL!!!

Hi, I am Matthew. I currently work full time in IT security and have a degree in English (creative writing).  In my free time I eat, drink, breathe and live metal (all genres).  I have been in the metal scene since 1976 when I spun my first Kiss record. In 1979, fell in love with Saxon and NWOBHM bands.  Upon graduation from high school, my parents gave me two choices, college or open up my own business; so I opened and operated a record store for 3 years until the CD’s invaded and drove out vinyl records. 

I own/collect about 400 pieces of vinyl and about 1200 CD’s. I have done some photography for local bands in the area for press kits and promotion. I still listen daily to metal, it is sort of my coffee in the morning, starting the day with some metal seems to make life better.  I love anything metal, folk, power, black, death, it doesn’t matter, I have listened to just about everything and at any given moment if someone asks, I have an opinion to give.  Favorite Folk Metal bands include: Ensiferum, Falkenbach, Korpiklaani, and SuidAkrA.


Hi, I’m Chiara, I’m born in 1995 and I come from Italy. I like several things such as reading, listening to music, going to the theater/cinema. I am a nature photographer and a video-maker, but I work with arts in general in an arts and crafts shop.

I started listening to rock and metal music as a kid, when I found the vinyl of Led Zeppelin IV and the eponymous album of Black Sabbath in my friend’s house. I fell in love with the folk genre with Skyclad, Cruachan, Primordial, Equilibrium and Arkona.

I have been collaborating for some time with the Italian webzines Mister Folk (for which I translate interviews). and Metal Shutter (for which I do reviews and interviews). I translated the interview of bands like Tersivel, Alvenrad, Einherjer, Juha Jyrkas, Lex Talion, Wolcensmen and Ereb Altor for Mister Folk.

I’m here because I like to have new experiences, and I hope I’ll be able to do reviews and interviews (even to Italian folk bands) at my best.

Hello everyone, my name’s Roberto and I am from Taranto, Italy. I am currently studying “chemical engineering” at the Polytechnic of Turin. In my free time I love walking, reading books, working out and of course listening to music. I’ve discovered folk metal on 24th November 2019 with the two songs Rasputin and Ievan Polkka (I don’t need to tell you the bands’ names haha). From there on it has been all downhill, and one band after another I’ve eventually brought my musical tastes to unimaginable destinations. Nowadays my favorite bands are folk metal of the style of Svartby, Litvintroll, Satanakozel, Abracadabra, Der Galgen, Leshak, as well as Troldhaugen, Blodiga Skald, Хрен, Khanъ and Bulgarian folk metal acts, Illdåd, Clanrock, Rivendell, as well as some Avant-garde metal bands like Arcturus, Diablo Swing Orchestra and Age of Silence. I could’ve made a huge list of all my favorite music and believe me it would be endless. For this reason I’ll just refer you to my reviews where I usually describe my favorite albums nobody has ever talked about properly. Oh and before I forget, I’ve got a good collection of CDs at my house because I like to support the underground with money and love, and if you all readers like listening to music then you should too!!!

Hi, friends! I’m Mark from Maryland in the USA. This site brought me so many amazing bands, so it’s a real honor to be here! I started downloading Celtic folks songs and symphonic metal off Napster in the late 90s and early 2000s, so I’ve got a huge, nostalgia-driven soft spot for the folk side. I’m a beginner guitar/mandolin player for my local Irish traditional session. In recent years, YouTube, streaming services, and even more recently, Facebook and Discord user groups fuel my metal. I like way too many bands. My main playlists are largely power metal (Unleash the Archers, Fogalord, Gloryhammer, Battle Best), and, of course, folk metal (Elvenking, The Privateer, Valhalore), and symphonic stuff (Nightwish, Kerion, Leaves Eyes), sci-fi themed stuff (Veonity, Sunwalter, Ayreon, Keldian, Victorius), and atmospheric metal noise (Karg, Saor, Wayfarer, Falls of Rauros). I also love sci-fi books and movies and animals of all shapes and sizes.

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