This Day in History: 2015-10-15

‘O Zemle Rodnoy’



  1. Pshenychnaya (The Wheat Song)
  2. Pesn’ o Zemle Rodnoy (A Song about our Native Land)
  3. Vesna (Spring)
  4. Zimnaya Skazka (A Winter Tale)
  5. Leshak (Leshak)
  6. Sred’ lesov (In the Middle of the Forests)
  7. Plach o dolyushke ( Lament about The Lot)
  8. Uchody dalyoko, gore (Leave us, Sorrow)
  9. Voin hrabryi, Yasnyi Sokol (Brave Warrior)
  10. Vstavay s kolen! (Get up From Your Knees!)
  11. V obyatiyakh Mara (In the arms of Mara) (exclusive bonus track)