This Day in History: 2021-03-19

Nine Treasures Awakening from Dukkha
Nine Treasures
‘Awakening From Dukkha’



  1. Black Heart (Re-recorded)
  2. Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor (Re-recorded)
  3. Fable Of Mangas (Re-recorded)
  4. Nomin Dalai (Re-recorded)
  5. Tes River’s Hymn (Re-recorded)
  6. Ten Years (Re-recorded)
  7. The Dream About Ancient City (Re-recorded)
  8. Praise For Fine Horse (Re-recorded)
  9. The End Of The World (Re-recorded)10: Wisdom Eyes (Re-recorded)
  10. The Stubborn (Re-recorded)12: Three Years Old Warrior (Re-recorded)

Nine Treasures